About Us

Davenport is a Grade 4 – 8 public school with the Thames Valley District School Board. The main section of Davenport school was constructed in 1956 to serve grades Kindergarten to Eight. (9 classrooms, a library/general purpose room and office area).

In 1972, air-conditioned specialized learning areas (Industrial Arts, Family Studies, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Science Lab, and Gymnasium) were added to serve the unique needs of students at the Grade 7 & 8 level. Davenport became a senior elementary school serving Grade 7 and 8 students from Aylmer, South Dorchester, Springfield and Summers Corners.

The staff constructed a circular gravel track in the yard and Davenport has served as host for the area Track and Field competitions since this time.

Influenced by the addition to Summers Corners Public School and the increase in population at McGregor Public School, Davenport received an addition of 8 air-conditioned classrooms in 1993 and became a Grade 5 to 8 school. Davenport now served the communities of Aylmer, South Dorchester, and Belmont. 

In the Spring of 2001, as a result of significant fund raising efforts by the students, the gravel track was paved and two additional basketball courts were added in the courtyard.

In September 2018, Davenport became a Grade 4 - 8 school. As part of the restructuring, renovations began in July of 2018 to update the school, including air conditioning to the Junior wing, a renovated main office, and relocation of the music program. This was an extensive remodel which was completed in September 2019.

As of September 2023, Davenport serves the Aylmer community. Families in the South Dorchester and Belmont areas attend South Dorchester Public School, pending the building of the new Belmont are public school.